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Transportation With Broken Bones

Broken bones are something that can happen to anyone at any time. It doesn’t matter the age, race, or sex of a person. Incidents just happen such as slips and falls, being reckless, or maybe even just dropping something. Luckily, broken bones are not the end of the world. Getting quick medical treatment is key to the recovery process. 

Broken bones usually are not a medical emergency. You’ll be able to tell if you need immediate medical assistance, then dial 911. Otherwise, if it’s something such as a thumb or an arm, it’s not something that is worth paying thousands of dollars in bills in for an ambulance. 

This is yet another incident of where having non-emergency medical transportation mapped out will be super helpful.

Birthing Complications Transportation

Having a baby is one of the most wonderful yet downright terrifying things in a woman’s life. So many things happen to the body, that it’s hard to even comprehend. Sometimes things shift, the baby moves around, and a pregnant person feels all sorts of new sensations. Sometimes these new feelings that a woman experiences aren’t the best. Perhaps there’s some sharp pain, or perhaps there is a little bit of spotting. No matter what the reason is, a pregnant woman should have non-emergency medical transportation on standby. 

You never know what could happen in a pregnancy, and this is one of those things you can do to be prepared. Just knowing that someone is there in case a pregnant woman needs it, is a huge comfort to them. This is because as they get bigger, they might no longer drive. They especially won’t want to drive if they’re in pain because that could jeopardize mamma, and the baby. Non-emergency transport is a great tool to get a mom safely, and swiftly to their doctor to see what needs to be attended too.

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