emergency transport

Medical Transport Via Your Office Or Clinic

Medical transport is a serious consideration for your medical office or clinic. You may not be a hospital, but you still need access to medical transport for emergencies, non-emergencies and life-threatening events that require air transport. Consider the items in these pages as a primer on what you can get for your medical office today. Each category is a new and unique way that you can provide for your patients and staff.

The Ambulance

ambulance You can contract with an ambulance service that is going to provide you with the vehicles you need at the proper time. You will get direct contact with the ambulance service, and you will learn how to get them to and from and your office quickly. You can send patients to a hospital quickly, or you can have a lane just for the ambulance if you provide surgical procedures. This is very important when you realize that someone should be hospitalized immediately, and that is also important when you need to send someone off the a new facility in the best way possible.

The Transport

medical vehicles The ambulance service is going to bill you, but you can file all these bills with the insurance companies that serve your patients. You will be able to start a working relationships with the ambulance service that is going to make life much easier for you, and anyone on your staff can contact this service for help. The ambulance service has access to many different types of vehicles at your disposal, and you can request what you need at the moment that it is needed.

The Speed

Calling the ambulance service is often faster than calling 911. As a medical professional, you are able to get a hold of the person who is going to drive the vehicle that is coming to your location. You can get them to your door faster because you are not jumping through bureaucratic hoops, and you will learn quickly that you will be able to manage the care of your patients without involving yet more people. You have a direct link to the people that are going to move your patients around.

Your medical transport options are much better when you are working with a company directly. You get to handle billing with ease, and you will have a chance to get a hold of someone who will be able to care for your patients in the proper manner.